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5 Resistance Band Set

5 Resistance Band Set - Xmas Shop

5 Resistance Band Set

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You can pack almost an entire gym into one stretchy piece of rubber. Introducing the Resistance Band Workout, made of 100% natural latex. Eco-friendly and totally free of non-natural thermoplastic elastomer. The elastic band load on your muscle groups is dynamic. The more you contract the muscles using the band, the greater is the load and this is the seriously efficient training method!

With different intensities to work the entire body, the Elastic band makes it possible to perform simple and wide movements, but that requires balance and a lot of strength, working for the muscles of the legs, arms, glutes, abdomen, and lower back.

This resistance band workout set comes in 5 varying resistance level bands with different colors. you can choose the optimal resistance band that suits your current strength level and increase the resistance by changing the band while progressing.

It is also used to help patients and athletes recover from injuries and improve functional capacity and enhance athletic performance.

Exercises anywhere

Band resistance details:

  • Yellow
    L 50 cm/19.7 inch x W 5 cm/1.97 inch
    XXL – Very Heavy (45-50 lbs)
  • Black
    L 50 cm/19.7 inch x W 5 cm/1.97 inch
    XL – Extra Heavy (35-40 lbs)
  • Green
    L 50 cm/19.7 inch x W 5 cm/1.97 inch
    L – Heavy (25-30 lbs)
  • Blue
    L 50 cm/19.7 inch x W 5 cm/1.97 inch
    M – Medium (15-20 lbs)
  • Red
    L 50 cm/19.7 inch x W 5 cm/1.97 inch
    S – Light (10-12 lbs)

Package Includes: 

  • 5 Bands Set
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